Life is Better Together

There’s a place for you here


Sunday KidsChurch back. Kids begin in worship and then head to KidsChurch after a brief message for the children.  Click here for more info our fun, monthly family boxes. Still have questions? Email Cindi here.

Jr. & Sr. High Youth

With COVID, our students are meeting mostly online. There are in-person monthly activities and service opportunities as well.  Check in with Cindi here.

Zoom Connect Groups

Most of our small groups have switched to online or are on a break.  Weekly Zoom Connect Groups help us stay close to each other. Are you interested in a group, email Pastor Greg here.




Tuesday Bible Study

Pastor Greg leads this weekly Bible Study Tuesday mornings at 10am.  We meet in-person and online for those who prefer to stay home.  Right now, we’re studying Heaven.  You can watch here or email  Greg here for more info.

Congregational Care

As a family, we work hard to take care of each other.  When one is hurting, we all hurt.  The Body of Christ makes an enormous difference when we go through tough times. We also have a one-on-one Care ministry called Stephen’s Ministry.  Click here for more info.

Music Groups

Our Music group are practicing again.  We love our upbeat choir, joyous handbells, and special music most Sundays.  Our worship teams work hard in-person and online to lead us in worhsip each week.