Making a difference in Texas!

Let’s keep praying for those in Texas. It’s been a tough time.

Many have been asking how they can help.
Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC) has a dozen congregations that were in the direct path of Hurricane Harvey, some of which have reported damage to their buildings.
According to the New York Times, the Category 4 hurricane reached the the U.S in Texas, bringing with it winds reaching 130 miles per hour and heavy rain, causing severe amounts of damage to the area.
The LCMC Texas District has a Facebook page set up to coordinate efforts as well. Please visit to learn more.
Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ also has established a Lutheran Disaster Assistance Fund (LDA Fund) to responsibly handle the administration of donations in response to natural disasters. Your funds can be sent directly to LDA for Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts.
If you would like to contribute to the LDA Fund, please notate that your donation is intended for Hurricane Harvey Relief and mail all contributions to:
Lutheran Disaster Assistance Fund
c/o St. Mark’s Lutheran Church
8300 C Avenue NE
Marion, IA 52302
You can also give at Saint John’s and we’ll send it on for you.

Other Disaster Relief

Lutheran World Relief

We want to respond with prayers and practical assistance to help after a disaster strikes. You can donate through Saint John’s and have your gift recorded on your giving statement. We are directing our donations through LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF . Thank you for caring! You may see more details of LWR’s response on their website