Crossways Bible Study – Tuesdays 9:00am

What does the Bible say about Angels and Demons?  How about Heaven and Hell?  Are there endless buffets and clouds with harps?  Do children have guardian angels?  What can demons really do today?  Let’s dig into God’s Word together at our CrossWays Bible Study Tuesdays at 9am.  We pray for each other and have coffee together.  And of course, we learn together.  Come and join Pastor Greg for this engaging study.

Sunday Adult Classes – Sunday Mornings 10:10am

In the Sunday Adult Class that meets at 10:10ish, we’ll be diving deeper into topics from our weekly readings. Let this be your official invitation to join Pastor Greg for that time together.

New Member Class 4 x Year

Call or email for upcoming classes

Small Group Home Studies

Erickson’s Bible Study Tuesdays 7:00 pm