The Columbarium at Saint John’s


What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is a granite constructed structure specially designed for the inurnment of the ashes of the deceased. Within are the niches, much like safe deposit boxes, to hold the cremated remains of one or two people. Our columbarium is located on the grounds of Saint John’s with a beautiful wrought iron fenced garden with a curved sidewalk showing you the way to the gate.


Why a columbarium at Saint John’s?

Throughout Christian history, believers have found the Church to be the center of their life experiences. Even today, our churches are places where we acknowledge the major passages of life as we celebrate births, baptism, confirmations, marriages, worship, spiritual growth … and our deaths.  Across the United States, Christians have viewed their churchyards as appropriate places for burial of family members. In this manner, they memorialize those lives as a witness to their relationship to the Church.