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A little church with a big heart

We know life is tough, but we trust God is good. Things aren’t always easy. That’s why we need Jesus, and that’s why we need each other. Life is better when we share it together (the good times and the bad). We’re not just another church, we’re family. If you get that, you’ll probably get us.
We’re far from perfect. We don’t have everything figured out, but we trust the one who does. We really believe that God is among us to guide, heal, bless and empower. We’ve actually experienced this, and we’d love to share it with you.
We’re Lutherans. That means we trust in God’s mercy and grace. We trust that Jesus has done it all for us and we’re grateful. We know God loves us and doesn’t want to leave us in the sorry state he’s rescued us from. We believe in the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. He’s changing us as we look to the cross.
We’re Biblical. We really believe the Bible has a message of redemption and hope for all people. We read it, study it, teach it, and try our best to live it out in real life.
We don’t just stay in church. The world is suffering in darkness and we trust that God has called us to make a difference. We get out and get things done. We make a difference, and we make disciples. We’d love to show you what God is calling us to do here in town and all across the world in places like China and Uganda. Life is short, why not jump in with us and serve.
We’d love you to get to know the family. Come be a part of worship and get involved.
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